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Agave helps recruiters build world-class teams. The digital tool delivers the best candidate experience by streamlining the interview process and helping candidates thrive on-site. With Agave, leave a lasting impression with top candidates and allow them to focus on the interview — not e-mailing and searching to get their questions answered. View a demo

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Agave is the easiest way to provide the best candidate experience.
  • Empowers candidates

    The information candidates need to prepare for their on-site interview is in one digital schedule — from directions and Wi-Fi passwords to preparation tips and topics that will be covered during interviews.

    Digital on-site schedules are customizable to reflect company branding and optimized for mobile devices.

  • Works seamlessly with applicant tracking systems

    Agave tools connect directly to your applicant tracking system to generate on-site schedules. Materials for candidates will be ready in minutes, not days.

  • Tracks candidate feedback

    Through Agave, candidates can provide feedback on the interview process — helping recruiters improve the experience. Agave is the Net Promoter Score for your candidate experience.

  • Agave makes the interview processes simple and elegant for both the individual and admins. It’s a stellar product that will make a difference right away.

    Sana, Tophatter

    Great opportunity to show job candidates how much you care about their experience. Agave helps you demonstrate your company's competence. This is going from best practice to must-have.

    Ricky, UpbeatPR

    There is no other product out there like this. The digital tools help candidates prepare before coming to their on-site interview — helping them perform more successfully in the interview and have a better impression of the company.

    Amanda, Triplebyte

    I have never seen something like this before, but it will soon be everywhere. Fantastic touch. An emailed interview schedule seems so pedestrian in comparison.

    Kori, Candidate


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